fully charged and ready to moon.

loved by notcoin holders

community driven

We also agree with TON Foundation that creativity, engagement and fun are the key ingredients for community growth.

intense marketing

Through our dynamic global marketing, we are bringing the meme culture and Web3 to even more users on the TON Blockchain.

fairly launched

Our old-school HC presale approach to ensure that whales are prevented from buying large amounts and dumping them immediately after launch.


    Phase 1
  • ✅ NFT launch
  • ✅ Prelaunch marketing campaign
  • ✅Token Launch
  • ✅Community Engagement
  • ✅Partnership Development
Phase 2
  • ✅Exchange Listings
  • ✅Utility Development
  • ✅Marketing Campaign

Phase 3

  • Ecosystem Development
  • Governance System
  • Stability Mechanisms

Phase 4

  • Technological Advancements
  • Global Expansion
  • Sustainability Initiatives